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It's now possible to transfer to NA 2 as well.
Added the ability to World Transfer from your account page.
Currently only allows transfer to EU 1, however, in the future there may be transfers allowed to NA1 and NA2 as well.

-- New True Asuras spawn added along with the task.

-- It is now possible to create a bone fiddle.

-- Special container now contains more items to go along with the loot bag.

-- Special container and first backpack will open automatically upon login.

-- Auto Magic shield will now re-new 10 seconds before expiration.

-- Task window was improved and it's now possible to cancel a task from anywhere.

-- Travelling to bosses will no longer require a VIP account. Only Raid bosses require VIP for fast travel now.

-- Fixed exit TPs of forgotten knowledge bosses so they lead to the return portal.

-- Loot Buyer will not sell items with active imbuements, he will parcel it back to you.

-- Fixed proble with certain bosses removing your summon upon their death.

-- Fixed Lloyd elemental damage properties being incorrect.

-- Improved EXP of WZ 4/5/6 bosses

-- Improved EXP of Charger

-- Diamond arrows may only be used by paladins now.

-- Reduced the spamming of exeta res for EKs.

-- Blocked accidentally opening nugget/token store from boss loot.

-- Fixed bug with Sio list not working properly sometimes.

General Changes:
Added some more spawns and cleaned up the GUI of the Shortcut TPs -> Hunting Spots
Improvements were made to the functioning and appearance of server forum.
Fixed error in the Annihilator Quest where players were unable to pull the lever if a summon was on a tile.
Godric Bot Changes:
Fixed bug where sio list was not showing offline characters.
Improved Godric Bots auto attack spell selection, adding monster range as a factor in the decision making.
When Auto Targeting is on, Godric Bot will only Auto Challenge when a monster is in a 1 sqm range. No longer spamming exeta res unnecessarily.
Added 2 new quick commands:
  1. EK - !bot challenge
  2. ED - !bot sio
Website Changes:
Blocked the ability to create characters with monster names
General Changes:
Improved Powergamers system in regards to storing and processing the daily experience gains.
Fixed error in which player pointer in Shortcuts TP may sometimes get deleted during live server updates.
Fixed error with Pixie having wrong looktype, appearing invisible.
Fixed bug in !addon/!mount talkactions where players were able to get debugged/obtain pseudo-full outfits
Fixed inablity to destroy certain items, weapons rack and small tree plant.
Event Changes:
Zombie, Last Man Standing, Snowball Fight, and Musical chairs will now award the top 3 finishers:
  • 1st - 20 GN + 2kk XP
  • 2nd - 10 GN + 1kk XP
  • 3rd - 5GN + 0.5kk XP
In Zombie event you now have the ability to !shoot the zombies.
Musical Chairs event will now countdown when the round is over and also remove the high walls which were blocking line of sight.
LMS times have changed to put the event more in the prime-time.
Website Changes:
Improved appearance of various pages including: character profiles, highscores, market, etc.
Godric Bot Changes:
Lot's of new talkactions to make life easier. Just type !bot to view them!
Improved Godric Bot percent selection, now ordering from 100 to 0 (remove).
Fixed bug in Godric Bot - Sio window not showing offline players on the sio list.
Boosted Spawns:
Grounds of Plague
Grounds of Fire
Grounds of Destruction
Grounds of Damnation
Halls of Ascension
It is now possible to start and report tasks through the !task command.

No more tedious walking back to depot to report a task and start a new one!
GodricBot Updates:
New command:
!attack on/off/1/2/3/auto

!attack on/off = turn of auto attacking
!attack auto = toggle auto targeting on/off
!attack 1/2/3 = switch to attack setting 1, 2 or 3
Store Changes:
  • Reduced the cost of Double XP Doll from 25 coins to 15 coins.
  • Grizzly Adam's Task Changes:
    • Reduced amount of kills required for harder tasks from 500 to 300.
    • Increased task completion EXP reward
    Paladins changes
    • Increased healing of Emberwing
    • Increased damage of Divine Caldera and Diamond Arrow
    Knight changes
    • Increased healing of Skullfrost
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